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what me and my girlfriend facebook chat about
The kindness of a stranger or a trick of the trade? God knows I’m not the first mistake that she’s made

i have such a disgusting, secret, shameful crush on miley cyrus

i think i can drink wine, listen to elliott smith and it will be the perfect saturday night
maybe i’ve had too much whiskey for a monday night

nobody reads this anyway.. not even me


dipping into that sad 90s/2000 pop music.

when did i become such a sad sack.

especially trin.

especially trin.

these sluts are always around :)

these sluts are always around :)

except my rolling papers decided to stick together.fucking bitches

except my rolling papers decided to stick together.
fucking bitches

i forgot i had a tumblr.

things are going well. :)

slept with some girl last summer, who is now accusing me of rape…



Can lesbians get any more fucked in the head?

I have sex in too many bathroom stalls

..i guess that’s my dirty little secret